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"If you're not buying a few tickets for the big draws, then you've kind of missed the whole point of being able to live the holiday. Just like what is suggested in all books about success, if you're not able to visualise the success you wish to achieve, then you probably won't get there. Being able to dream is the basis of all of these formulas - it unlocks the potential. Dropping a few bucks on lottery tickets is as basic as that formula gets." - Seth Rotherham, 2oceansvibe.com

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A note on playing international lottiers from other countries:

“It’s important for our customers to note that PlayHugeLottos and its associated brands & websites, offer a premium messenger service and not an online gambling service. Our promise to our players (and indeed the contract with these players) is to arrange a legitimate ticket purchasing service and act as a messenger and management intermediary. The customer never becomes the lottery ticket owner and lottery tickets themselves never cross borders. Income declared legally & correctly will be (and have been for previous winners) taxed appropriately by the South African Revenue Service and allowed in to the country. As your preferred ticket purchasing agent, we hope you will continue to make use of our service and hope that you have been satisfied with our offering thus far.

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